Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Toledo Catholic Bishop [again]

I wonder how often the Bishop of Toledo has been in the news in the past 10 years? Predominantly, his newsworthiness has been associated with the priest sexual abuse issue or the Fr. Gerald Robinson murder case. Now the bishop is back again in the news.

It seems that he and the pastor of St. Rose Parish in Perrysburg have a personality clash going on and the negative fallout from it bolsters the negative opinion of the Catholic hierarchy once again.

Fr. Tom Leyland wants to stay on as pastor, bit the very conservative bishop has other ideas. The Blade has a story about this. Leyland is one of those liberal priests left in the Toledo Diocese who has been openly critical of the church in the past. His views are unwelcome by the new bishop who, of course, has the power.

It's not right vs wrong; its a power play and Fr. Leyland strikes out. But the 'loss' is racked up against the Church.

update June 27

How's this for the ultimate power play by the church: The bishop WILL meet with the parishioners of St. Rose Parish on MONDAY. Conveniently, that is the day AFTER Fr. Leyland will retire.

Are these the Middle Ages?

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