Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Insider Book on Bush White House

Former Bush Press-Secretary McClellan has just published
a book on Bush's White House. From a loyal in-sider it
is a stunning shocker. The WH today is described as shocked,
in disbelief, and stunned by the revelations. Their only
official comment so far is to call McClellan "disgruntled".

McClellan shows how Bush led a sophisticated"political
propaganda campaign" to mislead US citizenry. He accuses
Bush,Cheney,Rice of "employing out-and-out deception" to make
their case for war. McClellan calls it a "rush" to an
unnecessary war in Iraq. He shows how it was all aimed at
minipulating the sources of public opinion, and how the media
became "complicit enablers." Interesting term, isn't it?

The book goes on sale shortly. The title is "Inside the Bush
White House and Washington's Culture of Deception".

Bibles Burned in Israel

Book burning is the sign of deep ignorance and hate. December 31, 2001:

ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico (AP) -- As hundreds protested nearby, a church group on Sunday burned Harry Potter and other books.

Jack Brock, founder and pastor of the Christ Community Church, said the books burned were "a masterpiece of satanic deception."

"These books teach children how they can get into witchcraft and become a witch, wizard or warlock," Brock said. Members sang "Amazing Grace" as they threw Potter books, plus some other books and magazines, into the fire.

August 2003:

Two Michigan pastors, T.D. Turner Sr. and son T.D. Turner Jr., took a stand against sorcery by burning a Harry Potter book outside their Jesus Non-Denominational Church. The younger Turner, Tommy, says that while he hadn't read the book, the cover alone showed him it promoted wizardry, adding that Potter-related Web sites were gateways to harder stuff. The last straw came when a local girl tried to perform a magic spell. (She was unable, as far as we can tell, to turn anybody into a newt.)

"Parents [have to] realize this is more than a fictional book," says Turner. "It's attached to the occult."

The fire so inflamed parishioners' passions that, according to the Detroit Free Press, some of the 50 spectators proceeded to burn the Book of Mormon, a non-King James edition of the Bible, and even the Dan Aykroyd movie Coneheads. Turner regrets that things got out of control, but adds, "Since the burning, our ministry is growing and can seat another 400 members," he says. "God has been blessing us."

May 2008:

Police in Israel are investigating the burning of hundreds of New Testaments in a city near Tel Aviv, an incident that has alarmed advocates of religious freedom.
Investigators plan to review photographs and footage showing "a fairly large" number of New Testaments being torched this month in the city of Or-Yehuda, a police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld, said Wednesday.

News accounts in Israel have quoted Uzi Aharon, the deputy mayor of Or-Yehuda, as saying he organized students who burned several hundred copies of the New Testament. The deputy mayor gave interviews to Israeli radio and television stations after word of the incident surfaced about two weeks ago.

God's own warriors, fighting the good fight. Funny stuff. By the way, the drawing above is of righteous Christians torching Tyndale's New Testament.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day and U.S. Imperialism

Can we stop it? Who will stop it? Will it be
one of the two major political parties? Will
it come from the outside?

U.S. imperialism or for another term, U.S. foreign
policy, is one of the 800 pound gorillas in the
room. History has told us that it is "our manifest
destiny". The world can be safe for the U.S. only
when the rest of the world is under U.S. control or
U.S. hegemony. The U.S. must be the super power.

U.S. foreign policy is very controlled by elitist
thought. It is not just a neo-con phenom. The war
in Iraq is a manifestation of this larger problem.
Simply attacking the Iraq War does not solve the
real problem, U.S. imperialism. This is the policy
we need to "vent" against. It's this policy that is
causing the U.S. to drive over the approaching cliff.

The wars and near wars like VietNam, Lebanon, Granada,
Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Dafur are the wrong
focus of the intellectuals. It's the real policy, don't
you see, that is the issue which must be engaged. That
policy is elitist control of U.S. imperial foreign policy
and affairs. In all the above cases we argued that if
we end that war or that insurrection or that trouble spot
the U.S. would come home. It's not the case. VietNam
didn't end because we occupied college presidents offices
or protested in the streets. The U.S. became involved in
VietNam back in 1954 with Eisenhower and Dulles and it
lasted 20 years. Nixon and Kissinger couldn't stop it. Events
outside the U.S. ended U.S. involvement, no demonstration
or no protest, no Senate hearing, no changing of U.S. foreign
policy. Until the focus is put solely on U.S. foreign
policy and imperialism, the elites will have their way. The
wars and other overseas issues need to be points to back up
an anti-imperialistic foreign policy. As long as we continue
to "vent" about some war, the real issue is unchallenged, that
is, elitism and the control of U.S. foreign policy. On this
Memorial Day we need to commit to a bring the U.S. home foreign

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