Saturday, October 27, 2007

Human race will 'split into two different species'

 Human race will 'split into two different species is the title of a new article in the Globe and Mail. It begins:

The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.

100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed.

The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000.

Racial differences will be a thing of the past as interbreeding produces a single coffee-coloured skin tone.


I hate to jump to the spiritual realm, but the question arises: will the goblin-like dimwits be allowed up in Heaven?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Writer Blames 'No God in School' for Nation's Woes

No God in schools causes society decline is the title of a letter to the editor of The Blade this morning. He begins with a description of the recent shootings in Cleveland. I suspect the writer is a Republican and apparently doesn't know, ironically, of the GOP's pro-gun stance.

He goes on: "I submit that if you look at our schools you will see a microcosm of our society. No respect for authority, no respect for your neighbor, the removal of God from all public places, and the removal of all Judeo-Christian thought from word and deed. No prayers in school."

Gosh, if only we had statues of God on every corner... If only the children would pray....

He goes on, "I also submit that as long as our schools continue to be politically correct and submit to the Washington politicians and the ACLU, we will continue our fall from God's grace."

Politically correct? Did he say, 'politically correct?' I wonder what that means. I wish he'd comment here so that we all could better understand how being politically correct somehow has caused the demise of schools. He hates the ACLU, too. What did the ACLU have to do with schools? Integration of the races, perhaps? Surely the writer doesn't believe in separate and unequal, does he?

He ends with a warning to us all: "Shootings will continue in our schools. Our family foundation will continue to disintegrate. Greed will continue to be the bottom line for our businesses and our government in Washington will continue to fail us."

Rufus Wallace

Mr. Wallace- God has little to do with all of that. I would imagine that the gun-toters went to church just like you. I would imagine that the corporate CEO's go to church each Sunday. I know that the GOP members of Congress go to church each week, for sure.

So, Mr. Wallace, tell us how 'bringing God back to schools' will help us when we have a President, Vice-president and Secretary of Defense who lied to the citizens to begin a preemptive war that has caused tens of thousands of lives- at the end of a gun. How does God fit into this reality, Mr. Wallace?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

St. Bernard Dog Breed shows Effects of Evolution

Science daily published the article, St. Bernard Study Shows Human-directed Evolution At Work. Biologists at The University of Manchester say that changes to the shape of the breed’s head over the years can only be explained through human-directed evolution through selective breeding, an artificial version of natural selection.

"We discovered that features stipulated in the breed standard of the St Bernard became more exaggerated over time as breeders selected dogs that had the desired physical attributes," said Dr Klingenberg.

"In effect they have applied selection to move the evolutionary process a considerable way forward, providing a unique opportunity to observe sustained evolutionary change under known selective pressures."

I guess that one might borrow a well-known phrase and say, 'The St. Bernard was made in the likeness of man.'

Fascinating discoveries each new day brought to our attention by scientists all over the world. I love this stuff!

Condi Rice Plays WMD Card Again in High Stakes Poker Game

You thought they might have learned something from that last losing hand they played in 2003. Apparently not. Yesterday before the Senate, Condi Rice played the WMD card on Iran. Iran has been designated "a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction and of the elite Quds Force as a supporter of terrorism."
By the way, how much is a deck of Iraqi Most-Wanted cards going for on EBay these days?

Iraq/Iran. Do you think the American people know the difference? One little letter, that's all.

They've got all the old speeches from 4 years ago; just change the 'q' to 'n' and read them again.

I bet we'll hear 'mushroom cloud' before the end of the year. As I said before, what do these losers have left to lose with another pre-emptive attack on yet another Muslim nation?

Do you suppose, some ten to fifteen years from now, when the American electorate finally understands how they were bamboozled by this Bush Team, they will support a effort to track down and bring to justice the members of the Bush administration who fled the country and are hiding in Argentina or Bolivia?

Ten Commandments Are Base of Ohio's 5th Congressional Race

"He doesn't want the 10 Commandments in public schools," says GOP candidate Latta. "Yes I do, and that's a lie," says GOP candidate Buerer. Each man is vying for the Best Bottom Feeder Award in District 5. "No gay marriage!" they both scream. "Cut all taxes!" they yell. "This nation was founded by Christians!" they announce. "Damn the Democrats!" "Right to Life!" "No gun control!"

I'm enjoying watching the fight each night as new negative ads spring up all of the time. Robin Weirauch, a Democrat in the race, must be watching each ad closely, taking notes with which to pummel whoever is left standing.

Love the dirt, fellas. Keep on slapping.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Google 'Bush nuclear Iran' 509,000 Hits

Results 1 to 10 of about 509,000 for Bush nuclear Iran. Chilling to see, disturbing to read. More than a half-million hits on this 3-word combination. It seems the man is obsessed with this second Axis of Evil as he was with the first. The first hit is this: Bush 'planning nuclear Iran strike' - Israel News, Ynetnews Then there is this one on the top 10: Bolton: Bush won't tolerate nuclear Iran Jerusalem Post Another: Bush plans strike on Iran's nuclear sites - Times Online

The words from his 2003 SOU speech still ring in my head: 'He sought significant quantities of uranium, from Africa." A clear lie, of course, but Americans bought it. And the war.

Two trillion, four hundred million dollars is the newest 10-year projected price tag of that lie.

Besides, what has he, Cheney and Rice got to lose at this point in their careers? Which is why every chance they get these days, Iran is in their script.

He's a sick man and terribly frightening.

Bush Bashes Castro While California Burns

Perhaps he's Nero reincarnated, but you have to believe that the man has a screw or two loose. Today he was ranting against Castro and the 'loss of freedoms' while the rest of us poured our hearts out to the folks in California.

He's clearly delusional as was Nero. A bully too: slapping down a pitiful and defenseless nation just for kicks [and GOP votes in Florida.]

Another year and 2 months of this guy? I'm not sure I can stand it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Young Evangelicals' Broader Views Alter Political Landscape

The Dallas Morning News had a story with the title, Young Evangelicals' Broader Views Alter Political Landscape. It suggest that younger adults born into evangelical families are broadening their views beyond the usual gay marriage and abortion issues. Two years ago, 55 percent of evangelicals younger than 30 called themselves Republicans. Now, just 40 percent do, according to a recent Pew survey. The study found that they are more likely than their parents to champion environmental causes, less concerned about gay marriage and more interested in improving health care and combating poverty.

The article says, " For many conservative evangelical Christians younger than 30, family values involve more than the issues of gay marriage, abortion and prayer in school. Poverty, health care and the environment are also matters of faith. "

It goes on to say: The fact that these younger evangelicals have somewhat more diverse views than their elders means there's a possible change in their political behavior," said John Green of the Pew Research Center, who has long studied how religion affects voting habits. "There might be an opening for more moderate Republicans in the Republican primaries among these voters," he said. "And there might be an opening among Democrats among some of these folks."

To me is seems obvious that evangelical parents cannot close the world to their children, and cannot expect their children to carry the same crusader flags that mom and dad carried. Children are way too savvy to be conned into believing that they ought to vote for candidate A because he/she supports 'traditional marriage' and is against abortion.

This is a complex world which will no longer be captured in a few sound bites.

Double Arc: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Support

I attended a presentation this morning on the work of Double Arc, a Toledo organization dedicated to helping children and families of children who suffer fetal alcohol syndrome.

Double Arc was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1992 with a goal of providing specialized services to children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Additionally, Double Arc addresses the needs of children in the regular classroom whose behavior and academic challenges put them at risk for failure or suspension.

If you know of some child whose behavior is very erratic, yet is not yet diagnosed with some specific problem, and you suspect that the child's mother may have consumed alcohol during pregnancy, the odds are that the child may suffer FAS Disorder.

The Double Arc website is a storehouse of information and resources that addresses this problem.

Federal funding for Double Arc, not surprisingly, has been recently cut back. Apparently there are other more 'important' uses of our federal tax dollars. Today's presentation was both educational as well as a plea for funding.

Educate yourself on this issue, send some money, and get involved in being an advocate for these children. Untreated FAS children spend a lifetime disconnected with reality and often end up costing tax payers many more dollars than the intervention at an earlier would have cost. Our myopic tax phobia in America costs us dearly in future years.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh Gaud: Voters Make Quick, Shallow Decisions, Study Suggests

Just when I thought that the American electorate was becoming much wiser in their political thinking this article comes along. Here's the scary opening paragraph:

"Previous research hints that voters go for the most competent candidates, but the new analysis reveals people can forge steadfast opinions simply by glancing at a candidate's picture. The study highlights some of the shallow behaviors of a sizable chunk of the voting population, said co-author Alexander Todorov, a psychologist at Princeton University."

And then there is this follow-up from one of the authors of the study: "We're seeing that snap judgments play a bigger role in voting than we thought."

Gaud. We're doomed!

Evangelicals: Little Concern with National Politics

I held my nose and strolled over to the National Association of Evangelists for the first time. I was immediately surprised by the logo which states, "Cooperation Without Compromise." There's a master thesis wanting to be written.

However, the lead story on their site was this: Evangelical Leaders have long list of concerns.

Naturally, I took a peek, just for the heck of it. Eight lines down I came to this stark statement: Noticeably little concern was expressed about national politics or the war in Iraq.

WHAT? You must be kidding or dense or worse.

Why, then, are all of those GOP presidential candidates pandering to them? Why that horse and pony show in DC over the weekend staged for the right-wingers?

Little concern for national politics?

What am I missing here?

Republican 'Debate' Proved Little: Bottom Feeders

The DesMoines Register led with this headline: McCain shines, but little is new in GOP debate . No kidding. And who was expecting something 'new?' After all, each man was rushing to the bottom of the bowl to prove just how conservative he is.

'New' just doesn't fit any more when I hear the word, Republican. Lord knows, most progressive Republicans were wiped out in the 2006 election. What remains are a host of bottom feeders attempting to dine on the best cadavers they can find. Like Hillary Clinton.

The Register said, "The candidates spent considerable time bashing Democrat Hillary Clinton, always a popular thing to do with GOP audiences and something that reflects the fact that many polls show her beating them.But that sort of red-meat rhetoric is pretty predictable, and while it entertains party stalwarts, it often doesn't shed much light on what these candidates would do as president."

Did they say, "it doesn't shed much light on what these candidates would do as president"?

Does that matter? When was it not important for a right-wing Republican to chew up the opponent? That's how they win. Whether they can govern is of little consequence to them and the voters, so it seems. The best shark usually wins.

Right now in Northwest Ohio there is an awful TV campaign being waged by two GOP candidates for a vacant seat in Ohio's 5th district. Each Republican is slashing and trashing the other with so much hate that the Ohio GOP has asked them to stop. They haven't. It's the only style they know.

I wonder how long the presidential contenders will be able to feast on Hillary's flesh before the voters ask, "So, tell me how you will govern if elected?"

They don't like questions like that. They enjoy the politics of personal destruction over substance.

When a Republican does attempt to ask substantive questions, he is disregarded. Take Ron Paul's statement last night and the audience reaction:

"Ron Paul won several rounds of groans from the GOP audience with his calls to get out of Iraq and for saying the state shouldn't be involved in the issue of gay marriage."


Sunday, October 21, 2007

GOP Fundamentalists: Enemies of the State

There is nothing as breath-taking as the screen of an IMAX theater and the surround sound accompanying the scenes.

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea takes the viewer on an undersea voyage to explore the mysterious forces which have created that other-world kingdom beneath the sea.

Students who are at all interested in oceanography, geology or marine biology will be thrilled with the scenery and the science presented in the film.

The National Science Foundation and Rutgers University were co-producers of the film.

Yet, many children and adults will not be able to view the documentary. Right-wing christian fundamentalists in some areas of America have lobbyed to have the film removed from theaters. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History decided not to show it after an audience that was given a preview of the film pronounced it “blasphemous."

Fifteen IMAX theatres in several Southern U.S. cities -- Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina --decided to not show the movie.

Imagine that: the religious police are active and working hard right here in this nation. The Taliban- American style. Our soldiers are being wounded and killed in Afghanistan as I type to help free that nation of the uber-religious Taliban zealots who want to again control the people there again.

The Quadrennial Fundamentalist Style Show just ended yesterday with the uber-religious and oh-so righteous folks ranking the GOP candidates. Of course, each candidate pandered hard to receive the coveted prize, strutting their stuff and their narrow religious tolerance like burlesque queens. The goal was to project the least-tolerant image possible.

What America cannot afford and our democracy will not sustain is another 4 years of religious Taliban-like fundamentalists running our nation. The christian-right ought to be classified as enemies of the state.

Thank goodness our wiser relatives in Europe have put the brakes on nutty fundamentalists. Read the article European lawmakers condemn efforts to teach creationism

U.S. Citizens Looking for a Cheer: GO-O-O Shia? GO-O-O Sunni?

Football frenzy is all-powerful in mid-October here in the states. Friday night it's high school, Saturday college and Sunday pro. GO TEAM! Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! Push 'em Back, Shove 'em Back!

Americans love to cheer their teams to victory. Right now in Ohio, in that other sport with the white ball, Indian fans are holding their collective breath. GO TRIBE!

Now that al-Qaeda has been summarily defeated in Iraq, Americans are hoping that our cheerleader-in-chief, George W., will lead us on to victory with another enemy d'jour.

We are confused, though, on whom we should cheer on and who we should vilify. We need the cheerleader to clarify for us.

Which 'insurgents' do we support? It sure would be nice if 'they' would wear colorful sports uniforms. How about blue for Shia and gray for Sunni? That way we could hang those sports flags from the windows of our cars. Cheers too:

Gray, gray all the way!
Go blue! Run 'em through!

So, Mr. Bush, give us a nod. Pick our enemy, and let us roar!

Of course, there seems to be one other problem that crept up last night. Headline: US raid kills 49 Iraqi 'criminals'

Have we've become the Iraq Police?

Oh, that's no fun. How can we cheer the cops?

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