Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Useless Political Pander vs. the Security of the United States.

The American electorate is grossly ignorant and so easily hornswoggled that it isn't funny. Not funny at all, especially when the security of our nation is left to amateurs and charlatans.

The Christian-right panders for support and props up legislators who will toe the line in support of their religious beliefs, but have few other qualifications to be representatives of the people. Their agenda, it seems, is God, the flag, anti-gay, prayer in schools, vouchers, the 10 commandments and anti-abortion. Other issues are of little importance to these religious zealots.

As a result of this numskullery, a group of incompetent congressmen and women have been elected throughout this nation, a group whose sole ambition and only talent is addressing the Christian-right's laundry list.

They are supposedly 'pro-family' yet they sit by and watch thousands of businesses and factories close as the jobs are outsourced to China and India. They do nothing to quell the spiraling medical costs and prescription drug prices that threaten the life savings of the family. They sit by idly as oil prices soar and home heating/cooling rates continually rise forcing the family to spend more of their hard-earned dollars for basic needs.

They confirm incompetent people to 'serve' the nation: directors of Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, FEMA, the EPA, and FDA. Directors who clearly have no idea how to manage such important federal agencies.

They allow the Executive Branch to extend their authority way past the Constitutional provisions of the branch. They support the War in Iraq, sending tens of thousands of our soldiers to their deaths and to rehab centers while authorizing tens of billions of dollars on the ill-conceived war.

The Christian-right in Ohio were largely responsible for the re-election of Bush/Cheney. Astonishingly, we heard yesterday that al-Qaeda is stronger than they were on 9-11. Despite that fact, Mr. Bush said yesterday, "Al-Qaida is weaker today than they were on 9-11." An outright lie.

Iraq has become al-Qaeda's their new training camp, allowing recruits hands-on experience in bomb-making and other deadly tactics. Afghanistan is no longer important. Apparently so as it was announced that the largest crop of poppies was harvested there, poppies to be made into cocaine for the American drug users.

Our food supply is in danger of being poisoned, yet the department in charge of inspections has been slashed; only 1% of the food imported into this country is inspected. Think about that potential gap as an opportunity for a so-called terrorist attack just waiting to be made.

Port security is no more than a joke. Few of the tons of cargo off-loaded at American ports is inspected. Again, a ripe opportunity for terrorists. The border with Mexico is wide open yet cars and trucks have to wait in long lines to enter Windsor, Canada from Detroit.

Incompetent people in high places spells disaster. One needs only to look at Michael "Brownie" Brown, L. Paul Bremer, Scooter Libby and Don Rumsfeld to understand that many people confirmed to important national security positions are no more than political hacks.

Back to the original point: the citizens of this nation have been duped, pure and simple. They allowed themselves to believe that, because a person is a 'good Christian' that they were competent as government operatives. Let's face it: there is more to running a nation well than going to church. Here's the question, though, that yet needs to be answered: will they be duped again? Will they fall for the Christian-right's banter and blather again in 2008? Will they elect 'good Christians' to office who know little more than Bible verses?

Don't bet that it won't happen again. American voters are not known for wisdom.

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