Sunday, September 16, 2007

Celebration of Race Equality Day

Today at the Toledo Botanical Gardens hundreds of people gathered for a Taste of Diversity, Celebrate Race Equality Day. Folks from Africa and Asia joined with Europeans and Americans to listen to music, to taste the food of many cultures, and to listen to readings of unity of mankind. The event was presented by The City of Toledo Board of Community Relations, Metroparks of the Toledo Area and Toledo Botanical Garden: supporting the mission and vision of the Erase the Hate campaign.

As I wandered through the crowd, I had a sense of what world peace might look like, without borders, without racial and ethnic hate, without armaments. The Irish flag at left reminded me that people with centuries of hate can come together in peace.

While I was exiting the celebration, Chinese music was being played adding to the sense of wonder of the shade garden in its autumn colors. Earlier, dancers from El Corozon de Mexico entertained the crowd. Black soul music added to the flavor of today's melting pot.

A woman from Nigeria displayed clothing from her nation and explained, in her beautiful British English, the process involved in its fabrication.

Two older men, one with a thick Italian accent and the other British, were discussing world politics. What a grand venue for that discussion on this cool crisp autumn afternoon.

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