Friday, December 26, 2008

Catholic Priest and Sister Applaud Toledo's Domestic Partnership Registry

An older post from December 2007

Homophobes are still in denial and anger over the decision by Toledo City Council to offer partnership-registry for couples who might enjoy work-related benefits from such a partnership. 

Homophobes are an angry lot, aren't they? You have to wonder what the source of their outrage is. Especially so-called Christians because Jesus never spoke out about homosexuality and, in fact, attracted quite a few disenfranchised and marginalized folks to his following. Three words say it all: 'Love one another."

A Catholic sister from Adrian, Sr. Pat Schnapp, no doubt a Dominican Sister, penned a letter to the editor of The Blade today praising the partnership registry. Apparently she understands Jesus' message very clearly. She begins her letter:

Congratulations to Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Toledo City Council for their creation of a domestic partner registry. In a climate where, sadly, even the churches are often ambivalent about embracing their homosexual members, it's heartening to see this humane and compassionate response.

Fr. Earl Loeffler, a wise retired Catholic priest wrote:

Has anyone observed or commented that the majority of the letters regarding the civil registration of same-sex persons sharing a residence assume that sexual behavior is occurring? We don't assume such for heterosexual couples, do we? No wonder, these prejudged couples seek some form of legal status and protection.

Perhaps Catholics are more tolerant than other expressions of Christianity if we can judge by these two letters. Two weeks ago, Lutheran pastor Rev. Martin Zimmann wrote about this issue:

"I will say this - faith and human reason show me that we strengthen a community if we are willing to welcome people into it. If we choose to define our community by whom we exclude from it, we run the risk of shunning talents and resources that we cannot afford to lose."

It is good to see that ministers of the church understand the message and commandments of Jesus and practice them with those they encounter in their lives.

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