Monday, April 7, 2008

New Anti-Evolution Film Stirs Controversy

The title of this post comes from The article begins:

NEW YORK — A handful of journalists filed into a small theater at the Park Avenue Screening Room here last night to see a preview for "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." The 90-minute documentary-style flick features Ben Stein, a comedian, lawyer, actor and former speechwriter. It is a movie about the so-called debate between supporters of "intelligent design" and Charles Darwin's scientific theory of evolution.

The title of the film, "Expelled" is supposed to refer to nutty fundamentalists who have been, as they say, 'expelled' from university science departments for their theological-science views. The article says that the film 'is smattered with gloomy scenes of the Berlin Wall's construction, the Holocaust and other World War II-era footage, with Stein arguing during the course of it that a handful of academics have been persecuted for their beliefs that run counter to the scientific establishment.'

Odd stuff; odd people. Don't you just wonder why these people have to have a Deity who creates everything down to microbes and virus? It just 'couldn't happen on its own.' And the 'proof' is some old diary of a nomadic tribe from 6000 years ago.

The film presents laughable statements like Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory is partly responsible for Nazism and the Holocaust. And this: when scientist [and atheist] Richard Dawkins discusses scientific hypotheses for the seeding of life on Earth from another planet, for example, the film quickly displays black-and-white movie clips of flying saucers and aliens. B-filmaking, to be sure.

Yet, the fundies will be drawn to it like they were drawn to the Creation Museum in Kentucky so that they will not feel so all-alone in their unscientific beliefs, substituting magic and mystery for scientific data..

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