Friday, May 2, 2008

Bush Approval Rate at All Time Low- Too Late Now

Twenty-eight percent approval, 72% disapproval- a historic record low rating for a U.S. President. Where the hell were these 72% back in November 2004? Did they not see the past as a pathway to the future? Or, were they crossing their fingers hoping he would improve?

The uproar about these numbers is meaningless, about as meaningless as Congress. The governance of our nation is shameful. At no time in our history have so few elected officials been worthy of praise for their courage and wisdom on behalf of the citizens. Never.

Who is to blame? The citizens, of course. As the title of Lee Iococca's book suggests: Where have all of the Leaders Gone? We're much too partisan believing that OUR candidate from OUR party has to be better than THEIR candidate. The foolishness of it all is astounding.

Will we citizens break free this Fall and elect the best person regardless of politics? Will we citizens be duped by slick commercials and negative ads? Will we sit it out believing its hopeless?

My crystal ball needs new batteries.

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