Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Insider Book on Bush White House

Former Bush Press-Secretary McClellan has just published
a book on Bush's White House. From a loyal in-sider it
is a stunning shocker. The WH today is described as shocked,
in disbelief, and stunned by the revelations. Their only
official comment so far is to call McClellan "disgruntled".

McClellan shows how Bush led a sophisticated"political
propaganda campaign" to mislead US citizenry. He accuses
Bush,Cheney,Rice of "employing out-and-out deception" to make
their case for war. McClellan calls it a "rush" to an
unnecessary war in Iraq. He shows how it was all aimed at
minipulating the sources of public opinion, and how the media
became "complicit enablers." Interesting term, isn't it?

The book goes on sale shortly. The title is "Inside the Bush
White House and Washington's Culture of Deception".

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