Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Democrats Capitulation

Again. The Democrats stand again with the
Republicans in opposition to Constitutional
protection. The Democratic House voted
overwhelmingly, forced by the leadership of
Pelosi, to grant Bush-Cheney and Intelligence
Bill that grants immunity to telecom companies,
mainly AT&T(Big Blue, Big Dollars, Big Campaign
Donations), from law suits for warrantless phone
and computer lines eavesdropping. Pelosi and
the Democrats now say that the President can
spy on U.S. citizens.

And, not unsurprisingly to me as I have had doubts
about Obama being a non-elitist, Obama will vote
for the measure as written by House-Senate

As I count, this is the third strike for Obama
since he became the "presumptive nominee":
STRIKE ONE: His bellicose speech to AIPAC;
STRIKE TWO: "I may delay rollback of the Bush
tax cuts to the wealthy."
STRIKE THREE: Supports amnesty for warrantless
Presidential wiretapping.

What was that Obama campaign slogan? "Change You
Can Believe In"? So much for 'real change.'

Here is the heart of the elitist conspiracy. It
is to keep the U.S. occupied overseas and build
the imperial presidency, while at home reducing
constitutional protections and enabling the
decline of the working classes.

This Democratic Compromise Intelligence Bill which
passed the House yesterday and the Senate next
week is another frontal assault on the Constitution
of the United States by people sworn to uphold
the Constitution. So much for the Fourth Amendment.
As Paul said recently, the Democrats and Republicans
are 'irrelevant'. There is no difference in the over
all distinction between them......

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