Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Holy Wells

Gumfreston is a settlement situated in Wales in the United Kingdom. It is located in the Pembrokeshire region. The Wells and the church there are still in constant local use and attract many visitors throughout the year. Many come as pilgrims to Gumfreston for healing of mind and spirit.

The beginnings of this holy site were the springs that flowed from the tiny outcrop of limestone set in the surrounding rock of millstone grit. These springs, so close together, yet each different in medicinal content, may always have been regarded as special and not used simply for domestic purposes by those who lived around them. Their healing qualities would have been sought out by the communities that settled throughout the Ritec Valley from earliest times. At some point, certainly by the 6th Century, Celtic 'saints' were at Gumfreston, and one or more, maybe even a small communitiy were living there, possibly in 'bee-hive' huts, and using the wells for baptism.

The Well at St. Issui, Patrishaw, Wales

At this very moment the Phoenix Lander is looking for ice/water on the planet Mars. Water, the source of our life, has always been a sacred substance.

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