Saturday, June 28, 2008

Honda Hydrogen Here

Honda has done what Detroit and the U.S. government
wouldn't do. Honda has a hydrogen only fully
efficient automobile coming off the assmbly lines
and being sent to the U.S.

It is the Honda Clarity. 200 will be sent to the
U.S. over the next three years and will only be
available in California, San Diego to be specific.

The car is silent running, non-polluting. It is
three times as efficient as our gasoline powered
cars. Moreover, the hydrogen power is equal to that
of the gasoline engines. The Clarity goes from
0 to 60 in 10 seconds, has a top speed of 100 mph,
and has a cruising range of 280 miles on a single
tank of hydrogen gas.

Without stating the cost of producing the cost, Honda
only says that right now because of the limited
number being produced it cost hundreds of thousands to
make just one. Honda forecasts that it will be a low
cost car. At present the car is only availiable under
a Honda lease agreement of $600 a month for three
years, which includes maintenance and insurance.

Hydrogen fuel technology has been available in the
U.S. since the 1960s. However, Texas(oil) and Michigan
(the Big Three Auto Makers) has prevented any development
of alternative energy automobiles. One would think that
Detroit would have learned back when VW, Toyota, Honda,
and Datsun entered the U.S. market with the compacts that
it had to change its production. But, no, they continued
to mass produce large cars and pick-ups and culminating
with the SUVs. The same is now true of the hydrogen car.
Here is the response to "drill, drill, drill." Much more
venting could be said here, but maybe we can do that in
the comments. Hydrogen is the source of the immediate
future in energy; it is available now, today. Cheap. Ah,
there you have it; it is too cheap. Greedy corporate
companies don't want cheap, fuel efficient energy anywhere.
They don't make money. They want coal gasification plants
and nuclear power plants that cost billions. Only one
entity can produce cheap energey for the 'general welfare'
of all the citizens of the U.S., the federal government.
Be it hydrogen of whatever the future power source is, it
should be owned and operated by the federal government.
Power is a necessity and a right, and, therefore, it ought
to be a government entity.

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