Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bigoted Baptist Pastor Pens Ugly Anti-Gay Letter to Editor

"The wickedness of the homosexual movement is well documented in the Bible and history. Their sin has contributed to the spread of AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis, and myriad other diseases."

So says Pastor Russ Merrin of the Monclova Road Baptist Church.

"To the homosexual reading this letter, the world will not be there to hold your hand on death's bed. Christ is the only person you can go to get true forgiveness and peace. It is Christ who will forgive you and restore you when you repent and believe in His shed blood and His resurrection."

What a hatemonger! By the way, this church is one of those behemouth structures built in the farmlands of suburbia. Lots of white folks out there.

A pastor like Merrin surely draws big crowds- people who want to know that they are righteous and those 'other people' are the sinners. No doubt the good pastor tells them how good they are and, by the way, will the ushers pass the basket.

Jesus would vomit if he knew how his message was corrupted by narrowminded jackasses like Merrin. I hope the money keeps pouring in, pastor, so that you can expand your school and teach even more little children the hate that is in your heart. Do the little children sing, "Jesus loves me this I know....but if I'm gay oh NO, NO NO!"

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