Friday, November 21, 2008

QUICK: Pass the Disinfectant!

I did it.  I knew that I should have worn protective clothing and gloves, but I went in unprotected.  It was the Joe the Plumber message board. Yes, the Samuel Wurtzelbacker Sell-A-Book website.  By the way, have you pre-ordered yet?  It comes out on December 1.  Hurry!

It was dark in there and musty-smelling as if the windows hasn't been opened in quite a while, like a cottage that has sat vacant for months. Earlier I reported on this blog that I had visited his website [book selling site] and that the 'free' forum button took me to the 'pay' forum.  It cost $19.95/year for the Freedom Membership [autographed copy of book included] but yesterday the 'free' area was open and I walked in.

Have you ever wondered what Right-Wing Talk Radio would look like in printed form? There it was.  All of the reactionary-right topics and dittoheads had gathered there to rant their gripes.  Joe's 'breech of privacy' [Joe's Battle to Seek Justice in the State of Ohio] thread was one of the more hot topics there.   Joe's feelings on Israel thread was, suspiciously 'closed.'  Gun Rights, of course, drew many comments. Voter Registration and Fraud drew the usual ACORN commentary and there was even a thread on Rahm Emanuel asking if he is the 'right man' for the job.

I've washed my fingers several times already, but I can't seem to get them fully clean.  Any suggestions?

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