Saturday, May 16, 2009

Notre Dame Is Board Member of Pro-Condom Organization

That's what the 'news headline' says on the Notre Dame Scandal website. Gosh, pro-condom, is he! Such heresy! Who could have imagined a Catholic priest handing out condoms? Quick, say a rosary!

In fact, it gets even worse. Check out this statement: "Any Catholic university that supports a program to reduce poverty by eliminating poor children has a serious problem."

Yes, that's what they said. Those 'poor children' deserved to be poor and the Catholic Church wants them to be born into poverty, whether or not the mother wants more children.

In reference to George W. Bush, no doubt, here's one more statement: "We are blessed in this country by the presence of many honorable leaders who promote the defense of innocent life..."

Yes, George W. Bush, who ordered the preemptive war on Iraq surely is one of those 'honorable leaders' because, after all, he spoke at the graduation ceremony a few years ago. Torture, prisoner abuse, and bombing a city of 5,000,000 clearly indicates an 'honorable leader who promotes the defense of innocent life.'

Fundamentalist Catholics are a hoot, just as other fundamentalist christians and, of course their brothers and sisters in the Islamic and Jewish faith. They always know what's BEST for all of us and would love it if our entire nation were just like them. Too bad, isn't it, that we have to live in a nation that tolerates all forms of worship, even no worship at all.

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