Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dopey Republicans Decry Scrapping of Missile Defense Shield

I can just hear them now. Those dopey Republicans and their moronic right-wing radio jocks maligning Obama for scrapping the Bush missile defense plans. No doubt Limbaugh will be at near-stroke blood pressure levels as he vomits his garbage to his eager, mindless dolt listeners.

The right-wing doesn't want health care for everyone, but wants billions spent on an iffy defense shield. Go figure! What is the greater chance, for example, of a person in Dubuque Iowa dying from an insurance-denied medical procedure or being hit by a missile from 'the enemy'?

I could laugh at the idiocy of it all if it weren't for the millions of Americans who actually will suffer that fate or bankruptcy because of the quid-pro-quo of the insurance companies and the politicians.

We need a defense shield against the insurance industry rather than from 'the enemy.'

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