Monday, September 21, 2009

Glenn Beck as Fantasy Ringmaster

"Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls of all ages!" The circus ringmaster calls attention to the next act. Hyperbole generally accompanies the description and the audience eagerly awaits. Fantasy and entertainment- good for the soul from time to time. Like once a year.

Yet, what if one could live in fantasy all-year-round? What if a person could live-out one's fantasies and obsessions daily? Like a circus every day!

Wouldn't that be swell? Well, perhaps but would it promote and encourage illusionary living, aka paranoia? Sort of like being on drugs? Skewed reality. Stupor-living.

Enter the current gaggle of folks often labeled tea-baggers. They are a reactionary lot, heads filled with fantasy. They 'came out' of the closet this summer. It was, to most Americans, a chilling exposure. Most of us didn't know they were in the closet. Most of us wish they would go back and shut the door. It was kind of creepy, an uneasy feeling that gripped this nation. Adult bodies, adolescent behaviors.. The loony bin emptied out. An ugly scene. Embarrassing, too.

The fear is that they melted back into society and are still among us. Like the Sci-Fi fantasy films of the 50's, the living dead. Zombies, pre-programmed to search out intelligent life and zap it at every chance! 'They' are with us still awaiting their next programmed mission.

Enter the master programmer himself, Glenn Back. [why do I always see him with clown makeup?] Glenn Beck- the circus ringmaster! "Ladies and gentlemen...our next fantasy..."

There is a certain personality type, mindset, or predisposition to loving fantasy. Paranoia, OCD, and other mental disorders seem ripe for fantasy-control. Those odd fundamentalists live most of their lives in the religious circus tent, pun intended. Malleable minds. Easily duped. Trudging bags of fear and guilt on their backs.

"Ladies and gentlemen!"

Mr. Beck is a class act, for certain. He loves his role; he loves the attention; and he loves the money rolling in. Daily fantasy. Audience aghast. Fantasy fulfillment. Illusionary living at its best.

"Ladies and gentlemen!"

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