Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toledo Auto Workers Tops- Too Bad they Have to Make Jeeps!

The Blade's top story today reads

3 metro Toledo automotive plants again tops in productivity
For the second year in a row, three metro Toledo automotive plants have been recognized as the most productive factories in North America in their respective categories

Behind the strip of car dealers on Central Avenue are rows and rows of 'Clunkers' that were traded-in for new, fuel-efficient models in the Cash For Clunkers program. Jeeps and Chryslers make up the vast majority of this collection of ugliness. Gas-guzzlers, dogs with terrible quality records now waiting to be hauled away for the crushers.

As if Chrysler didn't know that they were making a terrible product. Several years ago Toledo was the proud home of a spanking new automobile plant- state of the art. City officials were all agog at the opening of the plant, heaping praise and other hyperbole upon the Chrysler CEO's.

Everything might have been swell had Chrysler decided that, with the opening of this new facility, a brand new product would be manufactured there. But no. It was destined to produce some of the worst cars in modern history- the Dodge Nitro and the Jeep Wrangler.

The CEO's knew best. They always do. The same old, same old. Innovation is a dangerous concept to these traditionalists.

As a result, the Toledo workers do an excellent job at making duds. So goes the American corporate world!

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