Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If They Arrest Them All, Will They Have Won?

Cindy Sheehan along with 45 fellow Iraq war protesters are arrested for demanding an impeachment for Bush and Cheney. Disorderly conduct. Could that 'charge' mean: conduct not befitting the normal style of citizens? I guess that the Founding Fathers were charged with that along with sedition.

What is 'normal' conduct and how do we recognize it when we see it? Complacent folks nodding off? Detached people working hard to make some money? Incurious citizens dumbed-down by propaganda?

Fascists love to arrest the so-called trouble-makers. Nixon relished the idea. Latin American prisons are filled with these identified provocateurs. So are the Russians and Chinese.
malcontents not satisfied with the status quo. Anarchists, instigators and rabble-rousers. Throw the whole lot into prison cells before the masses awaken.

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