Monday, July 23, 2007

Toledo Catholic Bishop Caught in Web of Deceit

Bishop Blair of the Toledo Catholic Diocese has been caught in blatant act of hypocrisy. According to an article in The Blade, "A Toledo priest who was to take over St. Rose Parish in Perrysburg — but then abruptly stepped away from the new post — has been placed on a sabbatical after a “consensual but inappropriate” relationship with a woman, the Toledo diocese said."

Many Catholics have been wondering why Fr. David Nuss, appointed by Bishop Blair to succeed Fr. Leyland as pastor, suddenly declined the new post. Now the truth is known. Not only that truth, but the fact that the bishop knew about this 'affair' back in January, seven months before he appointed Nuss to the position.

The Blade article continues: "But just why the diocese revealed the information yesterday is baffling and frustrating, said Joan Foster, a longtime St. Rose parishioner. Bishop Leonard Blair “knew this in January and now he pretends this is brand new news? Aren’t we Christians? Isn’t truth one of our most important things?” she asked."

Would 'cover-up' be the operative term here? Of course, the Toledo Diocese is up to its ears in cover-up, especially in priest sexual abuse issues in the diocese. It is a pattern of behavior that once served the hierarchy of the local church quite well. Until it all unravelled.

The Blade continues: "Claudia Vercellotti, local coordinator of SNAP — the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests — earlier had been contacted by the advocate for the woman and said she also “tried to get answers” from the bishop about his plans for the priest.“Shame on the bishop,” she said. “He owes the community answers.”"

One more interesting note about all of this is the fact that Fr. Leyland wanted to continue to serve as pastor of St. Rose Parish but was forced out by Blair because Leyland had voiced some strong opinions about the Catholic hierarchy. Now this.

Oh well, what a wicked web we weave...

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