Wednesday, August 8, 2007

John Pilger's Warning to Journalists

Author John Pilger has penned a scorching warning to those who call themselves journalists. The Unseen lies: Journalism as Propaganda is an article that lays bare the shenanigans of so-called journalists who are little more than government pimps. Pilger berates especially the 'journalists' and news media in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. But Clinton doesn't get off the hook either. He says of the former president, "Bill Clinton [was] the most violent president of the late 20th century."

The article is fascinating and jaw-dropping in detail. The man knows his stuff about propaganda, a theme I have visited regularly on this blog.
Read it and weep; cross your fingers that there are a few honest mud-raking journalists still willing to expose the fascism and warmongering tendencies of this nation and our allies, especially the UK.

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