Friday, August 10, 2007

Silent Screams of a Survivor: Toledo Author Mitch Garwolinski

Toledo resident Mitch Garwolinski has written a detailed account of his childhood experiences in Nazi controlled Poland in WWII. A summary can be found here. My wife's brother gave her the book yesterday; he is a runner and often runs with Mitch. That's how he got the book.

It's an easy but stomach-curdling read like all accounts of Nazis both living and now dead. One more episode in the file, 'man's inhumanity to man.'

The author is also a cancer survivor which begs the question: how much can one person endure in life? He is in therapy too, trying to get rid of those horrible experiences as well as the guilt for the three murders he committed. Writing the book was one way to help him try to put the past aside, if that is ever possible.

He speaks to groups around the Toledo area about his experiences, often to high school audiences. He hopes that his life story will have some effect on the youth of the area. Surely some in the audience will find his story compelling and it may also serve as an impetus to them to reach for higher ideals during their own lives.

Presently the city of Toledo has been 'threatened' with an unwelcome visit by a neo Nazi group this Sunday. These boneheads will stimulate the residents and news media into action just as they have planned. Shortly after their verbiage is finished, they will drive back to their places of residence satisfied with the ugliness they perpetrated in the name of their god of hate. One wonders if they have families, wives, and children. Do they go to church? What do they see in the mirror each morning? What do they dream of at night? What will be said of them at their funeral service? What will be written in their obituary? On their tombstone?

Man's inhumanity to man. Alive and thriving in America. Thank God there are men like Mitch Garolinski who educate our youth on evil.

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