Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't Look Behind that Religious Curtain!

They've fooled so many Christians; still are.
Bombing for Jesus! Waterboarding for God!

In fact, Waterboarding for God by writer Ray McGovern caught my eye this morning. I was thinking of a young blogger who posts here. Over the weekend, the young man said that he finds Bush 'credible and trustworthy.' By the way, the 20-year-old describes himself as a good Christian and, naturally, Republican.

Bamboozled by Bush, conned by Cheney; there are quite a few 'good Christians' out there who actually believe that these two men are following Jesus' principles as they invaded Iraq. Somehow they are gullible enough to believe that a self-described Christian politician would never do anything against God's law, against the teachings of Jesus.

For many months on this blog, as my regular readers know, I have raised this contradiction to the attention of my readers. We who are not captured by Christ, we who have watched politicians for 50 to 60 decades, understand that obfuscation is deeply rooted in the political arena, especially for the cunning ones with a skewed world view. Bush and Cheney have proved that over and over again. Yet, many 'believers' can't seen to disconnect from their fantasy. I find it totally mystifying.

McGovern in today's article juxtaposes the annual prayer breakfast where Bush spoke with the Cheney speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Bush spoke of God, Cheney of torture. Which did Christians pay attention to?

If some good Christian person out there can justify a preemptive invasion and bombing of a nation which did no harm to us, I'd like to hear it. If a good Christian person could justify torture, let him speak. If a good Christian could tell me that lying to the citizens by the president deserves to be lauded by descriptive words like 'credibility and trustworthiness' I wish to hear it.

The Jesus I know weeps at all of this. Do I know a different Jesus? Is my Jesus the anti-Christ?

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