Tuesday, February 12, 2008

That Sucking Sound: The Pentagon and Your Dollars

Ross Perot warned of the sucking sound that was the American jobs being sucked to Mexico. They were. Today, there is another sucking sound with similar results: The Pentagon is sucking up tax-payers' dollars at an enormous rate.

Gwynn Dyer in TheSpec.com writes: "But there is a great deal more money in the current U.S. defence budget [$585 billion] -- probably three times as much -- that has nothing to do with the "war on terror." Even if you accept the deeply suspect proposition that invading foreign countries is a useful way to fight terrorism, invading the target countries (which generally do not inhabit the higher reaches of the technological pecking order) does not require 11 aircraft carriers and fleets of Stealth bombers."

Don't tell that to John McCain or any right-winger because you may be called un-patriotic. It is patriotic to give the Pentagon whatever it wants because, after all, we don't want them to invade our country. It's the castle wall argument: build it higher to protect the people who are already starving to death to pay for the wall. After all, China...

Will we ever learn? Such stupidity still exists in those who purport to keep us safe.

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