Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dick Cheney: One of Americas Greatest Traitors

Alger Hiss and Benedict Arnold pale in comparison to the traitorous actions of Bush Vice President Dick Cheney. No man in modern American history has done more to destabilize and damage this nation than Dick Cheney.

His first betrayal of the American citizens occurred early in his administration when he gathered the corporate executives from the major energy industries together to reveal his plan for them to gouge and rape the citizens. Lowering of environmental standards, under-staffing watchdog agencies, and allowing public lands to be stripped of their resources so that these companies could turn record profits was his plan. Today's high energy prices are the result of this betrayal of the public trust of his office, his oath to 'preserve and protect' this nation.

His second traitorous act was his encouragement and lies to engage our nation in the War on Iraq. With his neocon allies, he spun the dangers of Saddam Hussein even dropping the threat of nuclear annihilation from this two-bit dictator. He used and sought every chance he could to publicly propagandize the dangers of Iraq and the need for the American military to invade that nation.

Were there not that bounty of oil beneath those desert sands, the 'danger' would not have been severe enough to bring a military force of 150,000 Americans to that land. The cunning Cheney was providing even more booty to the oil executives with whom he had earlier met in that very secret energy meeting.

Of course his former company Halliburton has cashed in on billions of tax payer dollars for facilitating the logistics of the war. How many winks and handshakes were there as Cheney and his neocons made plans for the invasion 5 years ago tomorrow?

There is no doubt in my mind that Dick Cheney alone has cause more misery, suffering and economic hardship for the citizens of this nation than any other traitor in our history.

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