Monday, March 17, 2008

It's the Economy, Mr. Bush! That's the Terrorism American Citizens Face

It''s the fourth disaster of the Bush Administration and the scariest of all. His do-nothing 9-11 stupidity led off his string of blunders during his first year. Then the Bush War on Iraq entering its 6th year this week. Katrina and the 'Brownie' incompetence brought it home again. Now, the mortgage meltdown, the shrinking value of the dollar, the oil fiasco, and today the band-aid-approach to the financial mess rears its ugly head. The Fed bails out yet another failing lending company, a company dealing in pirate predatory practices on the American people.

It's 4 for 4 for the naive governor of Texas. If he attacks Iran before his term is out, he will close his career with a 5 for 5 record.

Who voted for this man? Who voted TWICE for this man? Shame on you! to borrow a Hillary interjection. What were you thinking? Were you thinking? What made you so sure that this Texas ne'erdowell would be anything more than what he had been in the past: a failure all of his adult life? I don't get it. Couldn't you see right through the man back in 1999 and 2000? What attracted you to him? I saw a con man at first listening to him. A con man, that's all.

Fools. Apparently the American electorate is easily duped, easily bamboozled.

I wonder if they really have 'had enough'? Or will some slick TV commercial in October bamboozle them once again?

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