Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Five against one and he pulled it off. Even the voters in Indiana, that odd red state on the Great Lakes, nearly gave him a win. He fought Bill and Hillary with McCain throwing some elbows too. Even Rush 'Oxycontin' Limbaugh greased the floor with his blather. Of course, the reverend made things difficult too. Chelsey was on the bench cheering mom.

I'd say that if Obama could win against this motley crew, then he deserves the nomination hands-down. The hapless Bush look-alike, John McCain, ought to be easily knocked off in November.

Most of Hillary's women will come back to Obama in the fall. The rednecks won't but the Democratic Party doesn't need them anyway. The GOP has them locked up. It reminds me of the Dixiecrats, those racist Democrats in the 60's, who left the party because of civil rights legislation that they couldn't stomach. Today they have a red grip on the South.

Hillary will score a great victory in West Virginia next week; the folks there are her base of support. Undereducated, rural, bigoted whites who really should be Republicans will give her a double-digit win there. The state has gone far afield from its historic split with Virginia over the issue of slavery back in the 1860's. Once a solid Democratic bastion, they voted for George Bush in the last two elections and will no doubt vote GOP this fall.

These West Virginia voters continually vote against their own economic interests year after year. They are easily duped by political advertising into voting Republican due to so-called 'values issues.' The flim-flam game works every time and the GOP is expecting to trot it out once again in November.

The racial bigots there won't need any prodding; they'd never vote for a 'nigger.' So, Hillary can bask in her upcoming West Virginia 'win' but many of the votes she will receive are from people who really belong in the Republican Party.

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