Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A McCain Campaign Plan

As I have remarked a few times, the shortest
nerve in the human body is that nerve which
runs from the hip pocket or purse to the
brain. With gasoline at $4 now and very likely
$5 for regular by Fall, that nerve is really
stressed. It's a perfect opportunity for some
one to step in and massage it.

Watching 'Morning Joe' this morning, he was
yaking about a McCain energy program and was
stressing nuclear. I'm not all that confident
McCain could sell a nuclear program as a relief
to prices at the pump. However, McCain could
come out with a no-holds bared U.S. oil production
gimmick, that is, open up Alaska, open up the
continental shelves, open up the Great Lakes,
open up the Rocky Mountain West(Teapot Dome area
would be dwarfed), and go after oil shale rock
which until now has been economically unfeasible
to exploit. He 'might could' sell this to the U.S.
voter. We are 'dumbed-down', you know.

While we know the objections to such a program, it might
have enough appeal to swing votes. The appeal, of
course, is that this would be domestically produced
oil. People may just be willing to "damn the torpedoes,
full speed ahead". "I want oil, find me oil, give me
oil." Sure it's a play on people's fears, but desperate
people, do desperate things.

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