Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rockefeller Intelligence Report

Chairman Rockefeller of the Senate Intelligence
Committee reported the Committee's bi-partisan
conclusions to the Senate. With two Republican
Senators joining in the Report, the Committee
concluded that the President of the United States
lied to Congress and the people so as to justify
a pre-emptive, first strike war on Iraq.

Rockefeller: " making the case for war,
Administration officials distorted the facts, or
said things that were not supported by the facts,
said thngs that they knew or should have known
were not true." What word comes to mind to sum
up what he said?

Couple this report with McClelland's book and what he
calls a constant stream of propaganda to justify war
on Iraq. Just remember how the various neo-cons became
talking heads for war, the Cheney and Rice interviews and
speeches, and Colin Powell at the UN told the lies that
Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons and
a means of delivering them, and was involved as a conspirator
with al-Quaeda in the destruction of the Twin Towers. None
of it is true! What the Report demonstrates is that the lies
were obvious from the beginning, but Congress ignored the
truth and the media fanned the flames for war.

What is so tragic is that the Democrats went along with it.
There were a few exceptions like Sen. Graham of Florida who was
Chairmen of this same Committee prior to the war and took the
floor of the Senate, after studying and reviewing the same
intelligence, and stated the facts did not meet the standard for
attacking Iraq. Sadly, the majority of Democrats refused over-
sight, in violation of their responsibilites as Senators under
the Constitution. They are to be excused for this, right?

Democrats and Republicans want to pretend now that the loss of
U.S. military lives, the injured, and the trillions of dollars
should just be allowed to disappear. Why should Democrats and
Republicans walk away free from the damages they caused? Their
illegal decisions must be dealt with in some way also. On the
one hand we have a lying Bush Administration, and on the other
there is a negligent Congress of Democrats and Republicans which
facilitated this travesty on so many people.

Just the past two days the Democratic leaders in Congress have
stepped in again to protest the President and themselves by shelving
Kucinich's impeachment call to burial in the Judiciary Committee.
After all this, why would one want to remain identified as a Democrat?
Hell, they are co-conspirators.

If no impeachment, what can be done? Much can be done outside of
impeachment, it seems to me. On leaving office, Congress could cut
the Bush Cabal off at the knees. Obviously, 'could' is the operative
word. Congress may want to duck and hide, but if the election sends
more progressived people to Congress who believe in restoring the
Constitution, maybe something can be done. The can have their pensions
revoked, be prevented from sitting on company boards, getting speaking
fees. What happened just in Iraq is close to treason it seems to me,
especially with the conclusions of Rockefeller's Report. There are ways
to do this, so say Constitutional authorities. Will we allow the Bush
Cabal to walk away scott free? It seems to me, for Constituional
preservation, they cannot be permitted to do so. To do so is to
establish Constitutional authority for another president. This could
be a real make or break time for the Constitution.

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