Monday, July 28, 2008

Church-killer Hated Liberals

Jim D. Adkisson, who shot and killed two parishioners during a children's play at a Tennessee church yesterday, attacked the congregation because of its outspoken socially liberal and gay-friendly beliefs, police said. The 58-year-old unemployed engineer accused in the Sunday morning attack at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, was driven to bloodshed in part by his "stated hatred for the liberal movement" as well as his hatred for gays. Blacks were on his hate list as well.

There are lots of right-wingers like Adkisson here in America: they light up the right-wing blogs with their hateful ramblings 24/7. I spent 6 weeks with them on the WTAM message board and they are a hate-filled and angry lot.

Blacks, liberals and gays along with Mexicans are the butt of their hate. According to most, the 'left' is ruining this nation and ought to be rounded up and loaded onto boxcars. Only the conservatives deserve to live in this country. Anyone to the left of them are communist, unpatriotic warts on this land.

The church seems to be an odd place to seek revenge against those evil people; hopefully the shooter wasn't affiliated with any church. Just a few weeks ago, however, the pastor of a suburban Toledo Baptist church penned a letter condemning homosexuals to hell unless they repented. No doubt the pastor has sewn seeds of hate in the minds of his faithful and who knows which of them may act out in a violent way when given the opportunity.

Jesus must weep all of the time at what has become of his "Love one another" sermons. Tears of blood.

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