Saturday, August 2, 2008

All's Quiet on the DC Front

They flew back home yesterday afternoon- our congressmen and women. Five weeks off and so much fund-raising to do. In fact, I often wonder how they can get their legislation done- that nasty interruption of the 24/7 fund-raising machine.

Apparently not much. Nancy Pelosi is 'pleased' with the accomplishments as is Harry Reid over there in the Senate. Mostly, though, it was partisan bickering and obstructionism. Politics as usual. Pelosi is proud that, beside not shutting down the Iraq War, the House accomplished quite a few things. Short list and mostly irrelevant stuff as this is an election year. Reid on the other end of the city mostly gave speeches on how Mitch McConnell tied the hands of the Senate.

It's time for both of these dullards to stay home. The People didn't send them to Washington to look nice and give cute speeches. In fact, it they were to be defeated this November, Congress might actually function better.

But the citizens don't know too much about all of this and frankly don't care. They are still dumbed-down from 2000 and 2004 when they drank deeply from the Kool Aid. Nope, don't care much for politics: them folks is always crooked.

Yes, them is. Want a refill on that cold drink?

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