Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Debate Must Go On!

Late last night, the Democrats in both the House and Senate were able to stand united with an alternate economic proposal to counter the secretive mandate given by The Administration and the Treasury Secretary Paulson to bail out the Financial Institutions that caused the economic melt down.
Congress has pointedly told Senator McCain that his presence is not needed and that he would only hinder the process by trying to use the meltdown as a photo oportunity while he buys time to try to tuurn the disastrous decisions he has made in his campaign around.
McCain, as in previous occasions, is drawn like a moth to a candle when there is a disaster he can try to uuse to his advantage.
We have only 40 days or so until the elction, yet he is taking advanttage of this opportunity to call off not only his debate with Senator Barack Obama tomorrow night, but to perhaps call off the debate between Joe Biden and his increasingly evident not ready for prime time running mate, Sarah Palin.
He said, yesterday, he was going to go directly to Washington because of the emergency and suspend his campaign. What is he waiting for?
Yesterday, McCain met with Her Royal Highness Lady de Rothschild (she called blue collar Americans "rednecks" last week) and made time for one of the BIGGEST CELEBRITIES in the world: Bon0 (who thinks all candidates must kiss his butt. McCain showed up on CBS News last night. And, this morning, he's at Bill Clinton's Global Initiative.

McCain just said he suspended his campaign. Just because he said it doesn't make it true. McCain is desperate and this was a desperate stunt.

It's becoming like Lady Macbeth and her perfume...there are things that no amount of $5,563.43 make jobs up can cover up. What's up with the dudes left eye? The same side the very big melanoma was removed from a few years ago.
Today, I read in Forbes Magazine that a Department of the Treasury spokes person being interviewed was asked "Why the amount of 700 billion dollars?"
The spokesperson admitted that the amount was chosen because it was a number that would impress the American people. Are you impressed? Did George Bush's press conference last night inspire you to believe that your goverment is working in your best interest as a private tax payer?
As I stated above, the election is scheduled to take place in about 40 days. Reality has imposed it's ugly head with a nauseating rapidity that the Conservative spin machine cannot begin to fathom how to deal with.
They have successfully manipulated reality in the past, will they try to drastically alter it this time by declaring an emergnecy and usiong the presidents new emergency powers, delay the very election until theyy can spin their way out of this?
I am not saying I expect this to happen, but it could.
That is one very good reason why the American People must demand emphatically that the campaign go on and the debates take place as scheduled!
It's your country, it's your reality...take control of your lives!

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