Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Hope That At Least Included A $600 Haircut...

The latest post of Celebrity News included this item about John McCain and the $5,583.43 Make up job he needs to make himself presentable for the American public.
That's a hell of a lot more than any drag queen I have ever met.
This news comes on the day as McCain's campaign manager Randy Davis is revealed to have been recieving $15,000 a month to lobby for Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae up until last month! The McCain campaign had been denying reports that Davis had been a lobbyist for Freddy and Fannie in the past. Davis has been reported of earning $30,000 a month for a few years, making a total of over 2 million dollars to use his influence on John McCain for favorable legislation....
Now in an about face, they have had to admit that Davis was employed up until last month. The only way they could spin this was to attack the "Liberal" biased news organizations for telling the truth.
Davis is only one of 83 McCain staffers that have been lobbyist for Wall Street.
This has thrown the McCain camp into total disarray. McCains flustered and frankly scary response to the finanacial meltdown has paralyzed his supporters and drawn severe criticism from normally fawning pundits, including George Will.
To make matters worse for McCain, Sarah Palin proved why she has to be kept away from the press. She actually told reporters that the America was definitely heading for a depression. Uhh, did I mention that her NBC Wall Street Journal polling is in the tank? And I know it's crass and uneccessary, but have you seen the cover of todays NATIONAL INQUIRER?
His approval rating is plummeting and Obama gained a 10 point lead in the polls today.
What else could this desparate inveterate gambler do but try a desparate roll of the dice, and try to cancle the debate this Friday. His strategy is to try to project a show of concern and a need to "act responsibly" in this time of crisis.
Will he? I don't think so......
His strategy is to push the need to pass the Treasury Secretary's bail out plan as swiftly as possible before any one can question the wisdom and examine the guaranteed golden parachutes it insures to the very reckless executives who drove the American economy off the cliff.............
While he says he will "suspend " his campaign, will the negative lies stop for a minute? Will he stop the divisive, misleading ads? His track record says NO!
He is playing for time. He is playing for sympathy. He wants to go to Washington for some photo ops in another disaster area. He has proven in this campaign that he will stoop to anything and this is just a lame ploy to delay the inevitable.
Even wearing more make up than any other 72 year old drag queen could afford!

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