Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday, in the House of Representatives
leadership all around was sorely lacking.
The ship of state is on fire, and the
politicians fiddled. The United States
is in financial crisis, and our leaders are
unable to explain it to the citizens. There
were a few who joined the "yes" vote, in
spite of heavy opposition in their districts.
Amazingly, they both are Republicans. One is
in Las Vegas and the other is in rural Georgia.
Contrast these leaders to Cong. woman Marcy
Kaptur of Toledo. She bailed out, much like
John McCain bailed out on the Letterman Show
the other night. A 'no' vote is a vote of
stupidity. The national interest is at stake,
and there was no "country first" attitude
among these negative legislators.

Yesterday, the world showed what is possible
with continued non-action. Financial markets
across the world lost. The loss on the NYSE
was $1.2 TRILLION. I can visualize these
naysayers jumping with joy, slapping themselves
on the back, saying we showed Wall Street.
The real story, however, is that the loss
will show up in lost jobs for the middleclass
and the lower classes. Marcy is known as a
union representative, yet her vote demonstrated
a lack of understanding of the real consequences.
The loss of $1.2T is $500 BILLION more than the
proposed $700 Billion job preservation bill in
the House of Representatives. Not only are
large numbers of jobs at stake, but also our
401K retirement accounts are sharply down.
Long term, the dollar is destroyed.

Marcy and her naysayers made no positive pitch
to solve the problem. While there is blame all
around from the Bush Adm, to Cong Frank, to
Senate, and to the media, it was the Republicans
who defeated the Bill. All these negative
Republicans said it was "socialism". They are
ideologues; and they are off the reservation.
They have trashed the USA momentarily. As I
pointed out above, there were a couple of Republicans
who crossed over.

What the vote also shows is what has been commented
on here a number of times, that is, there is a new
Republican Party. The former Republican Party was
that of Wall Street. The new Republican Party is
that of idealogues and partisans who believe in
individual responsibility to the extreme, in private
property per se, and see socialism in any government
assistance to any group. These Republicans would see
"Rome Burn" than take measures to put the fire out.
They would let Wall Street fail. Ron Paul took the
floor yesterday and basically said that. He is seriously

However, even with these off the reservation Republicans,
the Democrats could have passed the Bill. 95 Dems
voted against the Bill, and only 13 needed to pass the
legislation. Hopefully, the Democratic leadership will
convince 13 to change their vote when it comes up again
for a vote on Thursday or Friday. What a travesty that
this political game has to be played, as Rome burns!

Don't Toledoans see what a flake Marcy is? Are they so
blindsided that no matter what she does, no matter how
much she hurts the USA, she is a Democrat and she has my
vote. What's that definition of insanity? The world
won't come to an end if she is defeated. More important,
is the integrity of the individual. How does one now
vote for a person that puts her country at risk? A
message is sent by lowering her re-election vote.
Hopefully, even a phone call to her office today would be
in order. Yeah, I can vent too, lol....

Finally, today the talking heads on "Joe" are saying that
it was Frank and Pelosi who defeated the Bill by attcking
Republicans in the final summation. Hogwash! These nay
Republicans are idealogues and only using Pelosi as cover.
These Republicans did not change their vote because they
are mad at Pelosi. Huh? Screw the country because of Pelosi?
The point is, they all know Pelosi and Frank and have it
heard it all before. Congress is not a vacuum. When the
Republicans were in control they did the same. Democrats
were unamerican, secularist, unpatriotic, and dangerous
people. Boehner and Republican leadership knew these were
nay votes, yet they play partisanship to try and say it
was. I just heard "Joe" chime in with "this is an Economic
Pearl Harbor". Yikes, my thunder was just taken by a talking
head of "Joe" who said "the die was cast before the vote."
Well, here I sit, and there he is, lol....

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