Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Toledo Rep. Marcy Kaptur on her No-Vote

Buzzflash has 'awarded' Toledo area Representative Marcy Kaptur [D] their so-called 'Wings of Justice Award' for her no-vote on the $700b bailout.  They quote from her speech on the House floor:

In the face of this father-knows-best obfuscation, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) tells it like it is. In a floor speech last week, the Toledo lawmaker rattled off the rules of the Wall Street bailout game:

Rule one: Rush the decision
Rule two: Disarm the public through fear
Rule three: Control the playing field
Rule four: Divert attention and keep people confused
Rule five: Always keep in mind the goal is to privatize gains to a few and socialize losses to the many

Perhaps most importantly, she noted that this game is not a one-time event. She urged those listening to think about the long-term ramifications of the bill, saying "Once this bailout is in place, the greed game will begin again."

Many in this area have wondered about Ms Kaptur's no-vote because she seldom votes with the House Republicans.  Perhaps her 5 "Rules" are ideological or pragmatic yet is this the time for that?  The -777 Dow scared the hell out of most Americans as they saw their pensions and other investments evaporate.  Is this the time for idealism or action? 

I suggest that the consequences of not acting ought to preclude idealism.  Fix the leaking dike now before brainstorming the dam's new design. 

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