Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Speak

Unable to sleep the night through, the
internet beckoned me this morning. My
search led me to read some of Obama's
recent speeches. What sparked my interest
was a segment on the news in which Obama
described the United States as a car
heading toward a cliff. Obama accused
Bush for heading the car towards the cliff
and then added that his rival, McCain,
would apply the gas to speed it over that
approaching cliff.

Previously, many of my own comments made
the same point re the approaching cliff.
The bit about McCain applying the gas was
not part of my scenario, but it is an nice
addition, lol.. My point has been that it
hasn't been just George Bush that put the
U.S. on that course to the cliff, rather it
has been both Dems and Reps, the Republicrats,
who share the blame. You know, M-R, maybe the
readership of your blog has included some
unknown very important people. Do you
think that we could have been the fathers
of that thought? Oh well, its a nice fuzzy
to play the dreams for us old farts, lol...
This has earned me another reason to vote for
Obama now. I've moved up to a two issue voter.

On the otherhand, there has to be a remark made
about the way Obama is ending his speeches.
This will come to no surprise to the resident
fundamentalist. She will certainly say that
this just confirms her preconceived beliefs.
Obama is ending his speeches with "God bless
America." Actually, there are two problems
with that phrase. One is the use of "God" in
a constitutional federal election. The other
is using "America" instead of the United
States of America. America applies to the
entire continent, and the United States of
America was the term given by the Founding
Fathers to differentiate the country they
were establishing over all others. It's
Obama's word usage of "God" and "America"
which upsets the purist in me.

As an aside to the God question in United
States history, Meacham of Newsweek has a
new book out on Andrew Jackson. Previously,
the two main biographies about Jackson were
by Remini and Arthur Schlesinger. While
these two works remain the standard history
of Jackson, Meacham provides some new
insights about Jackson. Jackson is regarded
as a "founder" of the Democratic Party along
with Jefferson. Jackson's presidency has
been described as his belief in small "d"
democracy. He ended the Second Bank of the
United States and sanctioned Indian removal
with tremndous loss of life. He also brought
on the patronage system of paying off political
supporters. However, he did stand firmly against
the increased attempts to dilute the Constitution
and the federal government with religion. He
really belived that religion was unfriendly for
a free people. Religion must be held in check
and even rolled back from the excesses of the
last eight years. There is doubts that Obama
will do this....

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