Saturday, November 1, 2008

Listed below are various comments Mississippians
are making about McCain and Obama. Might give
a snapshot of where Mississippians are.

"The wealthy now pay more in taxes."(well I would
hope so. Actually, we know under the Bush-McCain
tax system the wealthy pay less.)

"Obama means class warfare."

"Obama will cause the socialist and moral
decline of our children."

"Obama is a muslim and a terrorist."

"Americans whine or Obama whines for them. Let
them downsize; sell the house. Live within
your means, not with your dreams."

"Palin and McCain represent the America of
our forefathers."

"I don't want part of my paycheck going to
someone else."

"Obama hasn't promised to cut his ties to
terrorist friends."

"Lowering taxes for the lower classes is not
fair to the business owners who pay the
workers and will have to pay higher taxes."

"Obama is not patriotic. He supports the
Arabs and will lead our military to defeat."

"Obama will give free money to all the people
who don't work."

Now, I'm sure many of these same statements
can be found in Ohio or any other State. The
problem in Mississippi is that these are
probably more in tune with a majority of the
stinking thinking of people here. What the
percentage is I don't know. Look at the
Mississippi returns on Tuesday evening. The
percentage of victory for McCain will be a
fair measure of the above sentiment.

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