Monday, January 5, 2009

Bigoted Fundamentalists Encourage Gay-Hate Murders

A local teacher, raised in the Toledo area, was murdered in Las Vegas just before Christmas. He was buried here Saturday. He was found dead in his home Dec. 22. Two brothers, ages 17 and 18, one reportedly a student of the teacher, were arrested on charges of murder, burglary and robbery, the Las Vegas Sun reported. He was a Western Michigan University graduate and a choir director for about five years in Hopkins Public Schools, a small rural village north of Kalamazoo, before leaving in 2006 to teach in Nevada. The teacher was gay.

Fundamentalist Christians preach and teach a strong anti-gay agenda. They assert moral authority from God to denounce the homosexual life-style.  Many use the biblical term, abomination, to describe the wrath of God on those who are gay or lesbian.  Fundamentalists would like to amend the Constitution to deny rights to homosexual Americans.  In fact, they work hard, in the right-wing of the GOP, to enact such legislation and they have a political network upon which to rely for help, resources and lobbying.  Ohio pastor Rod Parsley and McCain-supporter John Hagee are two such politically active fundamentalists who work very hard to push the anti-gay agenda among the 'faithful.'

Here in Toledo a local Christian Fundamentalist blogger has much the same agenda.  She came to my attention when I read her letter to the editor that she wrote to the Toledo Blade in early 2007 which bashed the gay life-style with the scriptural references about the laws of God.  The other day I read a comment by her stating, "The issue about homosexuality is that we are being asked to approve a sin in the name of tolerance. I have to go with the Bible on this one; political correctness which calls us to justify sin itself in the name of tolerance is wrong-headed. A sign of the last days: calling good evil, and evil, good."

Today she wrote, "It's just as bigoted to blame Christianity and Christians for murder of a homosexual --as to hate homosexuals. When you blame the Christians, calling them bigots because they believe the Bible that homosexual acts are sins, you foment hatred for them which makes YOU less tolerant than Christians."

An amazing spin.  I do not blame CHRISTIANS. There are millions of Christians throughout this nation who embrace gays and lesbians and welcome them into their congregations.  There are many gay and lesbian ministers and even bishops in the Christian churches. I do not blame Christians: I blame Fundamentalist Christians for the bigotry and hate-filled sermons.

Fundamentalists like these are in total denial that they have any guilt for promoting the anti-homosexual agenda.  Not only promoting it, but publishing letters to a newspaper and posts on blogs her own blog and comments like these on the blogs of others all around this nation.

What gives Fundamentalists the right of bigotry?  Is it justified to lift some passages from an ancient text written by a nomadic desert tribe to deride and degrade a set of American citizens?  What kind of 'god' would condone this hateful bigotry? 

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