Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Republicans: Asses, Baboons, Yokels, Racketeers?

"It's just that modern Republicans are, well ... they're so darned, well ... they're just such asses. Such unmitigated baboons, ranging from clueless yokels to calculating racketeers. They got no class -- know what I mean?"

That from P. M. Carpenter on Buzzflash this morning in an essay titled, What Obama Owes to Congress.  He concludes his essay similarly:  "And then he'll learn what he conscientiously owes Republicans, the ideological baboons, yokels and racketeers who got us into this mess to begin with: Nothing."

He's right in both the description as well as the content.  On MSNBC yesterday the youngest member of Congress, a 28-year-old Republican from Peoria, a self-proclaimed 'fiscal conservative, was interviewed by Chris Matthews.  When Matthews asked the young man about the doubling of the National Debt under the Bush Administration, he quickly retorted, "But the Democrats were in control of Congress for the past two years!"

'Blaming' ought to be added to Mr. Carpenter's pejorative list. The novice Congressman received a quick retort from Matthews when told, 'But Mr. Bush never vetoed a single spending bill in all eight years of his presidency.'

My friend from Mississippi and I have often posed the rhetorical question on this blog, 'Where has the Republican Party of our youth gone?  Both he and I supported and applauded many Republicans during our young adult days.  Men like Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, Ev Dirkson, Robert Taft...  My parents were Republicans and I recall clearly wearing my "I Like Ike" pin to school on election day, 1952.

Except for Maine, not a single Republican from New England sits in the Senate this morning and only 4 members of the House of Representatives are from the GOP.  Many good Congressmen and women swept away in the anti-Republican tidal wave of November 2008. The Republican label, pundits tell us, was poison.

Poison.  A toxic tag associated with the miscreants who were permitted free reign in the GOP for the past 20 years, poisoning everyone identified with Republican.  It is high time that the Grand Old Party cleanse itself of the asses, baboons, yokels and calculating racketeers in a grand purge.  But will it?

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