Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Booing the Preacher

I will be standing on The Mall next Tuesday when Rick Warren leads the opening prayer of the  inaugural ceremony.  Several million supporters of Barack Obama will be surrounding me, hoping to catch a glimse of the man who changed the course of politics in America.

Sadly though, the very first words that we will hear will be from the bigoted right-wing evangelical who has equated gay marriage with incest and pedophilia. His intolerant bigotry is not something in the past: last week he sent out invitations to the bigoted Anglicans who split from the Episcopalian Church over recognizing gay clergy, inviting them to join his church.

The first words we are forced to listen to are words of bigotry cloked in religion.  That idea is as ancient as the nomadic tribes of the Middle East.  Its consequences can be heard as I type this comment- in every bomb landing in Gaza City, in every rocket landing in Israel.

Bigorty disguised as religion has relegated countless millions of people to early graves throught time.  The homophobe prays that their god will correct this 'abomination.'

When will the first 'Boo!' erupt from the assembled masses?  When is name is mentioned?  When he first opens his bigoted mouth?  It will happen.  Only the 'when?' isn't yet known. 

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