Sunday, January 11, 2009

Say It With Shoes

"Say It With Shoes" is a group for all those who want to take action to prevent the horrific violence we are seeing day after day in Gaza, and to help bring about a just peace in the Middle East, in accordance with international law. It is a group for those that are not prepared to tolerate in silence our Government's continuing military support for Israeli aggression and atrocities. It is a group for all those who want to go beyond writing emails and signing petitions, to join with others in making a direct, physical statement to our Government.

The phrase, 'our government' is the U.K., not the U.S.A.  No, nothing like this is even thought about here in the states: we are numb to what is going on in Gaza.  Numb and dumb from the preemptive Bush excursion in Iraq which, by the way, was 'won' in May 2003. We Americans, of course, must be 'sensitive' to the Israeli State as stated to us by each president [especially in their campaign].  Compounding this is our personal distress with our financial situation which makes us draw inward to take care of ourselves and family first.

It reminds me of our common national attitude towards Nazi Germany up until December 1941. There must have been much frustration among many citizens that our government stood by while the Nazi war machine rolled through Europe with abandon.  Compare that with the lust for war in our nation in March 2003 as the propaganda of the Bush Administration convinced most Americans on the need  for preemption in Iraq.

After just 6 years since this bloody Patriotic fervor played itself out, we Americans apparently are now suspect of any preemption on the part of this government. Yet, are we to remain silent as we witness another nation play the preemption card just as we did?  At least an old shoe for justice sake? Are we so emotionally drained that we simply  turn our backs on another's aggression?  Has narcissism enveloped our nation like a great miasmic fog?

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