Sunday, February 8, 2009

Echo Chamber as Brain Trust

In Democrat-led Toledo, talk radio still leans to right is the story in The Blade on this Sunday morning.  You [who have been paying attention] know the story so don't bother clicking over- nothing new. Summary: right-wing radio-echo chamber as brain trust.

One conclusion is that left-wingers, aka LIBeral, can't compete with talk radio as the right-wing dominates the radio waves.  Duh.  My observation is that those of us on the left side of the political spectrum are fast learners and don't need remedial lessons.

I've observed that there is a fine line between urban gangs and right-wingers. An odd pairing, indeed, especially as they seem to be 'natural' enemies. Yet, both engage in group-think, echo chamber rationale.

Both groups, in my estimation, need to grow up and exit their permanent adolescent stage of development.  Trouble is, neither group recognizes their current state in the maturity-process.

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