Monday, February 9, 2009

Math Question: How Many Dimensions In The Holographic Universe?

You may use your scientific calculators if you have one: How Many Dimensions In The Holographic Universe?ScienceDaily asks the question.  Just yesterday I told some right-winger that I was more interested in this question than the 2nd Amendment monologue he was spewing. He didn't care for my remark.  

OK, here goes:

We perceive the space around us as three-dimensional. According to Einstein, time and space are inseparabely linked. Adding the time axis to our three-dimensional space makes our space-time-continuum four-dimensional. For decades, scientists have been wondering about the existence of additional dimensions so far hidden to our senses. Grumiller and his colleagues are trying the opposite approach: Instead of postulating additional dimensions, they believe that our universe could in fact be described by less than four dimensions.

Quick: name those 4 dimensions! Never mind.  Recall the Beatle's hit, Yellow Submarine- the one in which we all live?  Seems that sub may in fact be a hologram as in, We all live in a multicolored hologram. Not as catchy as the original.

At this late time of the evening, my mind is mushy and I cannot hope to understand the rest of this article; in the morning, I probably won't either.

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