Friday, February 6, 2009


Wage freezes are spreading across the public and
private employment.The Obama 'brain trust' seems
to be devoid of thinking heads. Obama and his
'brain trust' advisers have joined by decreeing
that a man or woman cannot be paid what they are
worth, and if they don't like it they can go work
some place else. Obama has initiated mandatory
wage freezes on bailout banking and financial
officials, his cabinet, and the White House. I
believe one of the MSNBC 'Newsweek' reporters said
its like in the movie "The Caine Mutiny" where Humphrey
Bogart rolled his steel balls in his hand and wanted
to know where his strawberries were. The point being
the Obama Adm is looking for more ways to freeze wages.
Please tell me where have wage freezes ever worked?
What a sad state of affairs it is to see this man who
inspired so much hope bending to sheer ignorant populist
outcry to freeze wages, deny corporations their jets,
or take their loyal and productive employees. Either
yesterday or today Obama rolled out his refurbished jet
for short hop down to Williamsburg for a Democratic pep
rally. Wouldn't 'the beast' been cheaper? He keeps his
fleet of heliocopters and jets, but every one else is to
give them up. Yep, that'll show 'em! Guess he will be
freezing the wages of school teachers as soon as the spending
bill is finalized with all that taxayer money included for
rebuilding school and hiring teachers. HOw ridiculous it is
to see Obama start down the wage freeze road. It is a loser.

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