Friday, February 6, 2009

Playing Political Games with Our Economic Stability

Those punks who lost the last election, like members of urban street gangs, are out for vengeance and they have their knives whetted and are going for the jugular of this nation. The GOP.  Like the cowards that they are, they would rather take the entire ship to the bottom of the sea than help fix it; it was, of course, their own idiotic policies that caused the leaks which quickly grew into massive flooding and serious listing.

Yet, in their own self-righteousness, they have become obstructionists in thwarting the economic stimulus package that would seal the leaks, pump the water out, and right the ship.  But no.  Petty politics rules that side of the aisle.  They would rather have another Jonestown massacre than help us get the ship back to port for repairs.

They remind me of nothing more than pirates!  

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