Monday, April 13, 2009

Pastor Rick Warren Speaks Lies

First he says he will, then he won't, then he says, 'I do' and then he won't, he's undecided now so what's he going to do? [kudos to the Ames Brothers]

So the pastor lied. Imagine that. He supported Prop. 8 and then he denied that he did. Reminds me of Peter and the cock crowing.

He knows he lied and that's why he canceled an Easter Sunday appearance on ABC's This Week with Geroge Stephanopolous.

How many have there been? You know, those righteous pastors who lied and fell from grace? Ted Haggard. Jim Bakker. Jimmy Swaggart. To name but a few.

Oh, yes, reverend, we know of your sin and ours, too- the ones you pointed out to us. What else can you tell us, preacher man? Who is going to hell?

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