Friday, April 17, 2009

"Reflection Not Retribution"

With those words Democratic President Obama is
permitting a whitewash of serious unconstitutional
acts by the Bush Administration. Obama is saying
that "when the President does it, it is legal."
Those are the words of President Nixon concerning
Watergate. A Republican and a Democrat. Yep, not
a dimes worth of difference.

"Just following orders" is a terrible precedent.
While Obama may follow the Constitution, his sweeping
misdeeds of the Bush Administration permits another
president to further erode constitutional law. The
problem is who comes after Obama. This provides the
basis of any future corrupt administration to say, "I
can do whatever I want." This precedent is on the
books now.

What we have here is a cover-up. Obama is guilty of
hindering the pursuit of justice. The memos are clearly
an attack on Federal law and treaties of the United
States. These memos present the dark side of a country.
These are pure and simple a violation of federal laws.

Obama is on the wrong side of the Constitution here..So
much for his ballyhood Constitutional legal expert. He
took an oath to uphold the laws of the United States. All
a future President needs to do is to his administrators to
say that they are "following orders."

As with Nixon, Obama is guilty of obstruction of justice.
This demonstrates that Obama is more concerned about his
political future than the Constitution. As a person who
voted for Obama, this is very discouraging. While it is
good to release these memos, it is a disaster to cover the
wrong doing up. If he is so concerned about his backside,
he could easily permit the Justice Department of appoint a
non-partisan special investigator. So simple, but they
even reject this approach. What a cop out to say that it
is more important to look ahead and solve our economic and
foreign policy problems. There is nothing more important
than preserving the Constitution and federal law.

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