Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Righteous Christian Bites the Marital Dust

Were they not so pompously righteous in their indignation of others, Senators like John Ensign of Nevada would not fall so hard on their silly-ass face when they are caught with their pants down. The Christian-right's newest casuality is John Ensign who had a 2-year adulterous affair with the wife of his top political aid.

Ensign derided Bill Clinton for his Oval Office sexual laison with Monica Lewinski and called for his head on a silver platter. Ensign has been a 'strong protector' of marriage, pushing legislation for the Family and Marriage Act. He was also irate on the Senate floor against gay marriage.

At least this time, as he stood before the cameras, his defiled wife did not appear next to him as did Mrs. David Vitter of Louisiana or Mrs. Larry Craig of Idaho. Moral righteousness while standing on the Bible is a dangerous position to maintain with your zipper down.

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