Thursday, June 18, 2009

Glass Flowers

Flowers made of glass suddenly greet the visitor to the Toledo Botanical Garden as they stroll by. The Toledo Glassblowers Guild operates a kiln directly within the garden and sets the pieces among the plants in competition with Mother Nature.

As Toledo was once known as the 'glass capital of the world,' it seems appropriate that glassened flowers ought to appear in the Toledo Botanical Gardens.

No doubt, botanical purists find the silicon pieces offensive, yet they add interesting colors often not found in nature to the garden- the deep cobalt blues especially.

Two large glass goldfish rest just below the surface of the gazebo pond which delight the children who find them as they search for the real pond fish.

Be sure to look up for hanging glass as well. As one enters the courtyard which houses the glass guild, one may find slender glass-cicles hanging from the pergolas among the wisteria vines.

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