Saturday, July 11, 2009

Comfortable in the Mergingue

I presented the idea that the Christian churches ought to delete much of the dogma, statements of creed, and other fluff that they have foisted on the faithful all of these centuries, but the assembled group balked. They were not ready to pull off their churchy masks and admit that they have been hoodwinked by 'their' church for two thousand years. Apparently, it is too comfortable staying with the present program.

As my wife and I are the youngest couple in the group, I wonder if these older folks are not willing to risk gambling with their beliefs at this time in their life. Better not to question too much or one's ticket to Heaven might be invalidated.

Rather, we will discuss the book, The Tents of Abraham, a look at the three Abrahamic religions through the lens of a Jew, a Muslim and and Christian. I suspect that it will be a boring and fairly useless exercise because the premise of it all is based on a tribal deity who is the subject of a midrash. It has as much credibility as Rumpelstiltskin. Susa, the Elamite god of the 2nd millenneum BCE, pictured above, may have more 'substance' than Abraham.

And so, the rest of the summer will find me yawning and dozing while purportedly enjoying the fairy tale adventures of that wandering nomad and epic hero of Judaism. Ulysses, either by Virgil or Joyce, would clearly be a more interesting read.

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